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About Us

With a rich history steeped in Italian tradition, the Osteria is best known as a humble neighborhood eatery, a place to enjoy good wine and simple yet elegant food. But the true essence of the Osteria is more than just a place to feast - it’s a place for family. 


We combine Italy’s soulful cuisine and timeless spirit with a welcoming, unpretentious atmosphere. Our menu offers a vibrant mix of authentic Italian comfort foods with our unique approach to flavors, freshness, and presentation. In addition to a wide variety of Italian fare, Osteria features an extensive list of daily specials crafted to complement our menu. 


Most of all, Osteria offers a curated Chef’s table experience, taking cues from the dining traditions of our rich Italian heritage. So whether you're going rustic with prosciutto and mortadella meatballs or indulging in flaky, tender baked Branzino, Osteria Miami is sure to bring friends and family together for any and every occasion.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Chef Plating pasta dish
Outdoor Seating Scene
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